London Escorts Comfort

By | January 5, 2017

Every man needs a comfort area where he can bare his soul and not feel a need to have his walls up and just relax. With little places and things known to actually do this, its no surprise that Jake found London escorts in particular Julie as his comfort zone. Julie is a sweet and innocent looking but dont judge by her face because she has a sexy and is curved in all the right places, making her attractive to anyone who sets her eyes on her. Jake on the other hand is a successful businessman who has never had time for family members let alone to on romantic dates, or even blind dates. When he was introduced to London escorts, he was hesitant at first but all that is in the past as he met Julie,

Arriving at 7 pm at the hotel, all Jake could do was feel nervous as to what to expect. However all this changed the moment Julie appeared from the bathroom. Dressed in a white lingerie with stilleto heels, Julie was everything Jake imagines a London escort would be like. Calculating her steps moving towards jake, she was nothing but graceful. With her hips swinging from side to side, her form became more pronounced when she placed her hands on her hips, taking all of jakes attention to her trim curvy body. Reaching Jake, Julie introduced herself asking jake to relax his mind as he is in the best hands. Realizing this is not happening, she leans forward flushing her cleavage to the now aroused Jake. With this the attention she seeked for is all hers. Starting at his hands, Julie carefully massages the fingers making Jake start to relax his body too. Slowly going toowards his large arms, Jake lies on the couch, accepting the warm feminine touch that Julie is offering. Not wanting to divulge too much information about himself, Jake asks Julie to make him feel at home, make him feel loved secure and wanted.

With no other invitation needed, Julie takes charge, removing Jakes jacket as Jake kicks off his shoes. Within no time Jake is lying across the couch with julie across him with her head on his shoulder. As a well trained london escort, Julie makes him feel wanted, caressing his chest ever so lightly until his breathing fastens. Tilting her head towards Jakes chin, Julie looks Jake straight in the eye and asks directly whether they can get more comfortable in the bed. Taking charge this time Jake gently lifts her up, guiding her to the inviting bed. Lying across on top of the covers, Jake makes sure that both he and the sexy london escort in his arms are comfortable. He closes his eyes, thinking of all he has been missing, the touch of a woman with a beatiful intoxicating scent. Taking full deep breathes, he smells her hair, plays with her fingers. Julie speaks once again saying only three words “ I want you”

Jake now realizes there is no turning back, he will be a regular client of his now one and only favorite London escorts  and the best escort Julie. He will be back again, he has found what he was looking for Julie.

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