I kissed a guy and I loved it

By | August 22, 2018

I am not sure what is going on in my head. The other night I was out with a couple of girls from London escorts. I love to go on pub crawls with girls from London escorts and don’t mind taking two girls out at the time. This time we ended up at this new transvestite club that has opened in Soho. It was full of guys dressed as women, and I must admit that they were sexy. The girls new a couple of them and we ended up sharing drinks together.

Did I get drunk? I will admit that I got a little drinks and so did my two sexy companions from London. You never know what girls from London agencies are going to get up to, and I do try to exercise some control. But this time I failed desperately and even ended up kissing this guy. Did I enjoy it? I knew that you wanted to know that. Yes, I did and now when I have sex I can’t stop thinking about the guy who kissed me. Before we left the club, he gave me his phone and it is burning a hole in my pocket at the moment. Should I call him? I have mentioned it to one of the girls at London escorts and she has told me not to worry about it.

We are all transitional she said. What does that mean? I guess she is trying to tell me that it is okay to date hot sex kittens from adult London escorts for some adult fun, and kiss a man as well. Should I call him? I am actually rather tempted to call him. He was a nice person and dressed as a woman he looked great, But, what I do worry about is if he I am giving him the wrong impression by meeting up with him again. Maybe he thinks that I am bisexual. But then again, maybe I am bisexual and should stop worrying about it. It does not mean that I have to jump into bed with a man.

I could just tell him that I would like to enjoy his company as a woman. I am all up in the air at the moment and I have never felt insecure about my sexuality before.

Many of the girls who work for London escorts are bisexual and that has never worried me. Why do I worry about this so much? It is all a bit crazy and I am not sure how to handle it. Perhaps if I asked one of the girls to come back with to the club to meet the guy, I would feel better. Most of the girls at London escorts are happy to do so, and I think that I would feel a little bit more better about things. No, I can’t get that kiss out my head and the only way I am going to find out about my true feelings, is to meet him again. He was gorgeous after all.

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